Avatar, China, and 40 Years of Solitude…

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Hat trick: Permaculture garden? At a public school? In Wollongong? What’s not to love about this story? Called, “Ganugan garden,” which translates as “edible vegetable” in the local Aboriginal Dharawal language, it  has earned the praise of Costa Georgiardis, one of Australia’s most-respected gardeners and a big supporter of permaculture. And Costa’s Gardening Australia is itself fantastic, one of Australia’s most-watched prime-time TV shows.

40 Years Alone: I won’t say much here, other than this: Please take 5 minutes (4:52 to be exact) to check out this short clip about Bill Barr of Gothic, Colorado. My favorite bit from Bill: “If you are going to fall, fall on your butt, not your face.”

Diversity > efficiency: Article in the Guardian earlier this week argued that innovations and better methods in crop-breeding are good short-term solutions, but may be counterproductive if they blind us to what it is really needed long-term: agricultural diversity. Hmmm…..where have we heard that before?

Avatar inspired? China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park found itself in the spotlight after James Cameron’s Avatar first lit up movie screens around the world in 2009. Early last summer, China announced that it intends to cover just under 25% of the country in forest by 2020. Full PDF report here. And here’s my permaculture humor (?) kicking in: Let’s hope this is because they see the forest as being more important than the trees 🙂

In case you missed it: A few interesting pieces this week from our sister site, the non-profit Permaculture Research Institute:

  • And one of my favorite – The Great American Farm Tour. One of my students, Justin Rhodes, plans on taking his family of six across America in a converted school bus, “discovering the greatest sustainable yards, homesteads, and farms.” The article above provides a nice write-up about it, and you can watch Justin and family vlog daily. For anyone who wants to support the tour financially via his Kickstarter (about 2 days left to go), feel free to do so here. Go, Justin!

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