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A First: This is a big step, and one in the right direction – “A majority vote was passed in the Irish Parliament on first-of-its-kind fossil fuel divestment legislation. Ireland now has the historic opportunity to become the first country in the world to fully divest its sovereign wealth fund from coal, oil and gas.”

If that’s what it takes: I came across this line in a recent Independent article: “After Theresa May visited India in November last year, analysts commissioned by Greenpeace calculated the air pollution was so bad it probably had slightly shortened her lifespan. She was exposed to air that was 36 times more toxic than in London during the three-day trade mission to Delhi.” 36 times more toxic? Perhaps one of the positive outcomes is that Delhi has banned cutlery, bags, cups and other forms of single-use plastic.  A fascinating discussion about this ensued on Reddit that’s worth a peek.

Ouch. I love Rolling Stone’s hard-hitting investigative journalism. This article by Bill McKibben, one of the world’s leading environmental activists, is no exception. The first line is a doozy – “Calling the Trump energy and environment squad “climate deniers” is like pointing out that your local crew of meth heads has bad teeth. It’s true, and it also confuses symptom with disease.” And the rest of the article is just as hard-hitting and relentless – Bill keeps pounding from there. Agree or not, it’s worth a read.

Goat Yoga: Let’s be honest – this is the story you immediately scrolled to in this edition of the Friday Five, yes? The article’s first line more or less sums up my feelings: “Every once in awhile, you stumble upon a phrase that immediately incites you to learn more. “Goat yoga” is one of those.” And if you think this is something that only a niche farmer’s website is discussing, think again: Here’s CNN, the New York Times, and even a full-blown first-person account in…Cosmopolitan? Maybe we should consider adding this to our next PDC 🙂

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