Right to water, and Chevron’s big admission

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Amazing Amazon: “There is no record of any coral reef at the mouth of a major river because sunlight can barely penetrate the plume of sediment, so photosynthesis, the driver of most coral reefs, cannot happen. ‘We found a reef where the textbooks said there shouldn’t be one. We think it is unique.’ […] Their find left marine ecologists flabbergasted.” Flabbergasted is right – how could we have missed this? Here are early images and videos of the expedition lead by Greenpeace. It’s beautiful to realize that as much as we’ve discovered, there is still so much more to find…and appreciate.

(Clear) Liquid Gold: … a small central European nation has become the first to enshrine the right to drinking water in their constitution. The new amendment to Slovenia‘s constitution states that drinkable water is a human right. Largely to prevent the commercialization of the country’s water resources, the Slovenian parliament just voted in favor of the new law.” Great to see this happening in Slovenia, a prioritizing of what has correctly been called, “the 21st century’s liquid gold.”

Alchemy: Can we redesign the ugly industrial world to be beautiful? Ricardo Bofill’s answer is a resounding, YES! The images of the magic that he and his team were able to work are stunning. “When Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon a dilapidated cement factory in 1973, he immediately saw a world of possibilities. La fábrica was born, and almost 45 years later, the structure has been completely transformed into a spectacular and unique home…The industrial chimneys that once filled the air with smoke now overflow with lush greenery, a fine example of the beautiful transformations that result from creative thinking.” This is in an invitation to us all to dream big and beautifully.

When profits hurt: “For the first time, one of the major publicly owned fossil fuel companies admitted publicly to investors that climate change lawsuits poses a risk to risk to its profits.” Full details of the story here, and the actual SEC filings can be seen directly here under the section titled, “risk factors.” And additional insights from a story that appeared yesterday in Salon: “As Greenpeace USA’s Naomi Ages told ThinkProgress, Chevron’s report marked an important milestone: It’s another big oil company that has publicly recognized that climate change — and specifically the litigation and government investigations caused by it — could pose ‘a material risk to the company and its shareholders.’”

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