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On the Mark: Great commencement speech by Facebook founder (and Harvard dropout) Mark Zuckerberg. He could have used the platform to bring light to any number of issues, but chose to focus on two that are near and dear to my heart: finding a purpose, and the challenges ahead around climate change. The full video can be viewed and a transcript read here.

Blueprint: Paul Hawken is getting much-deserved attention for his recent book, Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. From an overview of the book: “It’s a simple concept, really. Do the math to identify the 100 most effective, readily achievable steps to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Rank those solutions (based on their potential impact on global warming). Then, present them as a plan to “drawdown” greenhouse gases from the historic levels to which human beings have hiked them.” Paul’s step-by-step “translation” of the science applied will, I hope, be widely read and put into action.

Paris Pullout: So this made top headlines more or less everywhere. I’ll refrain from comment, and instead simple share a few links worth reading from a number of varied sources: 1 – Global reaction (The Guardian), 2 – Why Trump committed one of US’s most shameful acts (CNN), 3 – Researchers view Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris a a “turn to the medieval” (Vox), 4 – 31 of the MANY critical facts Trump is ignoring in quitting the Paris Agreement (CNN), 5 – Tim Cook ends Memo to Apple Staff Condemning Departure from Paris Agreement (Gizmodo), 6 – Reactions swift after Trump’s withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord (ABC News)  

Feeding 600 Chickens – Without Grains: A 30 minute video of two of my favorite people in the permaculture movement – Justin Rhodes, a student of mine who has transformed his life and that of many others on his permaculture journey, and Karl Hammer – a lovely genius of a man that is so in touch with life’s most important cycles. A wonderful man with beautiful words to share. Enjoy the clip, and please listen closely.

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