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On the Mark: Great commencement speech by Facebook founder (and Harvard dropout) Mark Zuckerberg. He could have used the platform to bring light to any number of issues, but chose to focus on two that are near and dear to my heart: finding a purpose, and the challenges ahead around climate change. The full video can be viewed and a transcript read here.

Blueprint: Paul Hawken is getting much-deserved attention for his recent book, Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. From an overview of the book: “It’s a simple concept, really. Do the math to identify the 100 most effective, readily achievable steps to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Rank those solutions (based on their potential impact on global warming). Then, present them as a plan to “drawdown” greenhouse gases from the historic levels to which human beings have hiked them.” Paul’s step-by-step “translation” of the science applied will, I hope, be widely read and put into action.

Paris Pullout: So this made top headlines more or less everywhere. I’ll refrain from comment, and instead simple share a few links worth reading from a number of varied sources: 1 – Global reaction (The Guardian), 2 – Why Trump committed one of US’s most shameful acts (CNN), 3 – Researchers view Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris a a “turn to the medieval” (Vox), 4 – 31 of the MANY critical facts Trump is ignoring in quitting the Paris Agreement (CNN), 5 – Tim Cook ends Memo to Apple Staff Condemning Departure from Paris Agreement (Gizmodo), 6 – Reactions swift after Trump’s withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord (ABC News)  

Feeding 600 Chickens – Without Grains: A 30 minute video of two of my favorite people in the permaculture movement – Justin Rhodes, a student of mine who has transformed his life and that of many others on his permaculture journey, and Karl Hammer – a lovely genius of a man that is so in touch with life’s most important cycles. A wonderful man with beautiful words to share. Enjoy the clip, and please listen closely.

In case you missed it: A few pieces of interest this week from our sister site, the non-profit Permaculture Research Institute:

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  • JT

    You just lost a subscriber. You live in australia….not the USA. Don’t care about your opinion on USA policy matters especially when it relates to activity within OUR borders. Stay on your island and enjoy the protection of the US Military that neither you nor any other australian pays for…..and we’ll stay over here and not give up our sovereignty to the rest of the world!

    • Sarah

      Carbon does not stay within our borders.

  • Sarah

    As a human on the planet we all share, who happens to live in the US, I want to let folks from other countries know that towns, cities, states, businesses, universities, and individuals from across the political spectrum, across the US are deeply committed to the Paris Climate Agreement. Today’s news is flooded with reports of how Americans will do their best to reduce emissions and keep with the accord dispite the actions of our President. Thank you to all the rest of the world for leading when we are stepping back. I am thankful to be able to spread the permaculture message here.

    • Bill Crandall-TA

      And you are welcome.

  • disqus_PAZz5o1Bj8

    Climate and magnetism and other have been changeing big time ON ALL PLANETS IN THIS SOLAR SYSTEM esp since a few decades. Look up NASA itself if you do not believe this. Carbon dioxyde levels are not the cause for climate changes. And temperatures worldwide were already 3 degrees celsius higher than today during more than a century around 200 AD. The Paris agreements encourage India and China to double their CO2 output and -if followed by everyone- would just delay by less than 1/2 percent the EXTRAPOLATED expectations for global temperature rise by 2100. By the way, CO2 is a fertilizer, not a pollutant, and has been up to 18 times more concentrated in the air of this planet in the past. No need to panic.

  • KJ

    I am so proud of President Trump for pulling us out of the Paris climate change nonsense and I pray he will stick with his decision no matter how many people complain. I could point you to just as many articles by just as many credentialed scientist who know that this is all fake science but people need to do their own research to awaken. I consider Al Gore a traitor for the damage he has done in this regard. He lined his pockets well at the taxpayers expense by getting the government to invest in green companies from which he profited with his outright lies about carbon. We are in the midst of a galactic cycle that has happened to all planets before and will happen again and cannot be stopped by the likes of regulations, penalties or any amount of money. Yes, we need to honor our planet and take care of it in any way we can but that is not what the Paris climate change is all about. It’s about control and money by very evil people and nothing more.

  • SLDI

    This might be a good time to share a perspective from other real estate industry leaders who share a vision of sustainable land development in the future:

    Sustainable Land Development Initiative
    The Universal Principles of Sustainable Development

  • Mtdewd

    The Paris fiasco was nothing but a globalist wealth redistribution scheme. It would cripple the American economy and put insane amounts of money into the hands of greedy people who might send some of it to poor countries. Meanwhile, it also undermines the sovereignty of America by putting us under the microscope of foreign forces who have no interest or concern for our well-being.

    America can and should be governed by Americans. If The People here want corporations to pollute less, then speak up and let them know. We The People have enough power to bring pollution issues under control right here in our own country. We don’t need to be policed by foreign interests. That is illegal in America.

    All the sources quoted in support of this Parris nonsense are well-known socialist/communist/globalist sympathizers with high-level connections to anti-american forces. Pulling out of this agreement will not destroy the earth. It is a proud moment for America to have a leader who is strong enough to stand up to the rampaging forces of evil that are set to destroy civilization. Chinese can’t even breath their own air, but this “agreement” will let them off the hook to pollute as much as they want for another 20 years! Let’s get real, and stop focusing on made-up issues that put money into greedy hands.

    Let’s focus on real solutions to real problems, and stop supporting globalist agendas that create unaccountability and enslavement.

  • Dear Geoff.
    I think these guys deserve an apperance in one of the Friday Five. Very fascinting research and constructions going on at Baubotanik:

    All the best.

  • Eugene Fueyo

    Geoff and friends,
    As a former chemist I visit sites like just for learning’s sake. Today I saw a title for how they are giving cattle short chain fatty acids as substitutes for banned antibiotics used to promote growth and weight gain. You can follow the links to more info but I was struck by what they were giving them. Proprionic acid (naturally in Swiss cheese), Butyric acid (butter), and Valeric acid (valerian). I certainly don’t support corporate agribusiness pumping cattle up to the max all the time but maybe this might make sense for a runt calf or after illness when they could use a little extra help to put weight on. I am not an animal scientist but seem to remember that ruminants bacterial flora produce short chain fatty acids as the final product that actually provides energy for the cow so it is “natural”.