Virgin Rain, Jordan drought, and bizarre beetles…

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We took a brief break from the Friday Five last week, and the outpouring of emails expressing how much you missed it were really humbling to see. Thank you for all the kind words shared. I do this as a labor of love, and am honored and delighted to see that the effort is appreciated.

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Jordan Drought: Given my ties to Jordan with Greening the Desert I and II, I was delighted to see some recent coverage about the water situation in Jordan – and the lead that a group of forward-thinking women are taking in addressing the challenges of drought.

Virgin Rain: It never rains in the Antarctic because it is too cold and it is the driest of all the continents on Earth. As researcher Robin Bell put it, “Who had heard of rain in Antarctica — it is a desert!” All of that recently changed. For a fascinating analysis of the phenomena and its possible implications, take a look at this recent piece from the Washington Post.

Bizarre beetles: I’ve noticed that when creating a deep mulched garden planted to a diversity of crops there is a phase where a great diversity of beetles (incidentally, the most diverse life form on earth) arrive but do not do any particular damage or cause any problems. The phase settles down, then they only occasionally appear. Then after this phase all kinds of interesting and exotic fungi suddenly arrive as a phase then again just settle down. I suspected that that the beetle worm spread fungal spores. So you can imagine my delight when I recently came across this analysis that seemed to capture my own anecdotal experience, and provided some additional, fascinating details. You have to read this to believe it 🙂

Averting Crisis: 108 million people faced “crisis level” food insecurity (or worse) in 2016 alone. What on earth are we doing about this? As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no doubt that permaculture design science is one of the absolute best approaches to feeding the world, and giving us a chance to create a stable social, political, and economic order rooted in harmony and justice.

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PS: If the story above regarding Jordan’s water situation resonated with you in some way, and piqued an interest in travelling to Jordan to see it first-hand (and doing a PDC there), please note that I’ll be teaching a PDC and following this up with a month-long internship in early September and October. We still have some spots available. Full details here.

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