Meaningful suburbs, how societies collapse, and trust

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I’ve just finished co-teaching a PDC, and am about to start the part I love the most…giving people on-the-ground experience, in a one month practical Internship.

So, again from The Greening the Desert Project, Dead Sea Valley, Jordan, I bring you the Friday Five…

What dies when, as temperatures rise: If you think just a few degrees of climate change won’t be too bad, you should read this excerpt from Peter Brannen’s book Ends of the World. Already, less than 1 °C above preindustrial times we’ve had, for example two once in 500 year heatwaves in Europe, killing thousands. “But these tragic episodes are barely a shade of what’s projected.”  Investigative journalist, Christian Parenti, author of Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence outlines why and how the era of climate wars has already begun.

Too Conservative: We should pay attention to the obvious and go into action as designers of permanence in order to moderate climate. Paleontologist Peter Ward, one of the ‘godfather generation’ of scientists says, “What scares me…is the economic effect of simple sea-level rise… literally trillions of dollars…” Secondly there’s the effect on human food… it’s astonishing how much food will be wiped out…”. “If anything the sea-level estimates have been underestimates.”

Very funny, very serious: Meaningful suburbs are food productive, and have the potential to produce the highest quality and quantity of the most diverse food per square meter on earth, and that is easy to prove. That’s  why I like this TED talk – the Permaculture design approach is the very thing to make our public spaces into places people want to be in. The …end of the 3,000 mile Caesar Salad… is now.

Won’t find this on your TV: I really believe another world is possible if we are truly truthful and building trust. 2,000 professional engineers and architects from around the world have come out to say…not only untrue, it’s not possible. And, see the article, 15 Years Later: On the Physics of High-rise Building Collapses, p.21 of ‘Europhysics News’.

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