Science Renaissance, Anthropocene adventures, and a sheep farmer who loves soil

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Now in the third week of the one month practical Internship here in Jordan, I bring you the next Friday Five…

Time for Science Renaissance: Everyone needs to listen to this. It echos Bill Mollison’s important section 2.2, ‘Science and the Thousand Names of God’ in the Designers’ Manual. Biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. lists ten dogmas that science has operated under since the late 19th century, i.e. “…a belief system of materialism…”. Rupert (humorously) gives an example of the ‘truths’ he’s discovered to be otherwise, e.g. that the speed of light is constant, being explained away by the term, “intellectual phase-locking”. “…as we question these dogmas…that have held back science for so long, science will undergo a re-flowering, a Renaissance.” Here, you can look inside Science Set Free, and many of Sheldrake’s other books.  

Provocatively optimistic: I am really enjoying this book Adventures in the Anthropocene, charging my way through it! I can hear Bill cheering in support, even cackling a laugh every now and then. After decades exploring some of the most biologically interesting parts of the world, from Borneo to New Zealand, biologist author Chris Thomas says, “The current rate at which new species are forming on Earth is starting to look as though it is the highest ever.” The Guardian summarises, “The problem with recreating the pristine is that it is misplaced nostalgia – the natural world is a dynamic system…”.

The Wall: The truth often hurts the guilty. Although this article is from end of 2013, it’s certainly still current for ex-Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters whose recent album is titled, Is This the Life We Really Want? And in an open letter, Rogers clearly articulates that speaking up about Israeli government treatment of Palestinians is not the same as being “anti-Semitic”, I have many very close Jewish friends, one…the nephew of the late Simon Wiesenthal…a great man. Also…two grandsons…my daughter in law…is Jewish…”.

Sheep farmer deep in soil: There is an exponential growth in the number of farmers who want a revolution. In his book, Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture – A New Earth, long time Australian sheep farmer, Charles Massy says, “The big chemical companies and big food companies know exactly what they are doing. It is now causing millions of deaths – tell me why that is not genocide?”  Someone else who knows that life is in the soil, sends a heartfelt invitation from this beautiful rugged place, the Isle of Skye. It would be a wonderful place to commit to a permaculture life.

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