Hi, this is Geoff.

After what seems to have been constant travelling for almost 2 months, we’re finally back at home. One of the first things we did was taking a swim in the Pacific’s beautiful turquoise blue and warm waters…and emerging feeling salty, fresh, and alive 🙂

Last week’s Friday Five was long, so let’s keep this one a bit shorter. Here goes…

Election: There are millions of words being written about what happened in the US earlier this week, so I’m not going to comment or post any of the analysis that came after the results came in. Instead, I’d like to share three interesting perspectives written before the election that I think are thought-provoking for their sweeping, “50,000 foot” view. This one by archaeologist Tobias Stone written in July, 2016, looks at Trump, Brexit, and other sea changes in the context of 50-100 year historical perspectives. The second is a piece by Andrew Sullivan from the May, 2016 issue of New York magazine that uses Plato as our guide to understanding the large, tectonic forces that seem to be shifting under our feet. The final piece really steps back from the partisan politics by excoriating illiberal democracy and undemocratic liberalism. To wrap your head around this, read the Salon piece in full. You can agree or disagree with their analysis, but at least considering the framework they put forward — written before this week’s emotional events — might be a way to help process and understand some of the forces at play without, as the expression goes, “losing the forest for the trees.”

Did someone say forests? I’m reminded of something that Bill said: “People must see these forests and wilderness as the greatest educational system that we have on the planet. If we could lose all the universities then we would lose nothing, but if we lose the forests we lose everything.” And if you have just 5 minutes to spare, this film about forests — viewed in light of Bill’s statement and the uncertain events swirling and accelerating around us — is absolutely worth watching.

Changing of the guard: Meanwhile, anyone paying attention to this? Or this? Despite whatever you’re seeing or hearing, don’t get the “news blues” – things are moving forward.

Practical periodicals: I remember being told if you understand the periodic table and Ohm’s law then you understand the universe. Well, this interactive periodic table by Keith Enevoldsen helps get us halfway there by putting into context everything we learned (and forgot) in high school. Ever wonder where rhodium shows up in the world? Hint: Look at your wrist (if you’re older than 50 🙂 )

Favorite Facebook post this week: Bill Mollison was given the totem of the honey badger by the Kalahari Bushman. After seeing this video or this one or this one (and knowing something about Bill), you’ll know why. We miss your fighting spirit, Bill.

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