Biocide cocktail, good climate news, and out of the box!

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Lots happening here in Jordan, now the fourth week of the one month practical Internship. We’ve been making biochar – the first burn was a success!, showing how to produce duckweed (with native fish for mosquito control), tending the wonderful desert kitchen garden, and more. And, planning for upcoming events at Zaytuna Farm.

So, without further ado, I bring you the next Friday Five…

Say cheerio: Of course, Monsanto would like this covered up but this is now the soft stuff.  “Depending on the product, the tests revealed that glyphosate, in combination with co-formulants, could be up to 2000 times more toxic to cells than glyphosate alone.  And, as so many of us already know, technology will not replace productive, positive energy-audit ecosystems, let alone all the added benefits of nature. These high tech GMO/robotics are just Rigorously Applied Stupidity (RAS)…for what? For greed. “There was no evil intent; ‘evil’ turns out to be rigorously applied stupidity” [see @8.44 this video]. To continue doing something once you know the harm, is pure evil.

Out of the box: This is definitely an option for many people. Hajjar Gibran (great-grandnephew of The Prophet’s Kahlil Gibran) and his team have developed eco-friendly, low cost (less than $9,000) dome homes. “I was at a loss until I discovered…AirCretea [DIY] lightweight masonry product…completely recyclable non-toxic…simply a mixture of water…powdered limestone and a water-based lather”.

And for more out-of-the-box thinking: it’s been discovered (or rediscovered) that sound waves can eradicate cancer cells. Anthony Holland, Associate Professor, Director of Music Technology, Skidmore College who says, “The scientist said, ‘You’re killing more cancer cells than as if you had used radiation’,” explains how.

It ain’t fame: A good life through good relationships can definitely be boosted by your permaculture community, even if at a distance online. Robert Waldinger, Director of the 75-year Harvard Study of Adult Development reports that, “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier, period!”  And, finding out what our friends’ and our own “love language” is, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch, can make a difference in friendships ever-evolving and flourishing.

Stalled carbon emissions! (but…): A little bit of good news for the climate. In 2016, “All of the world’s biggest emitting nations, except India, saw falling or static carbon emissions”, but, “other heat-trapping greenhouse gases, mainly methane from cattle and leaks from oil and gas exploration, are still rising…”. But, read this: it’s been found that adding seaweed to feed can reduce methane emissions from cattle up to a whopping 99%. But, of course, you’ve got to grow it, and get it to the cows.

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