What will create the tipping point?

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Welcome to another week’s Friday Five! And a a subject that’s dear to my heart…‘tipping points’.

Author of The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Malcolm Gladwell, who said one of his reasons for writing the book was to …show people how to start ‘positive’ epidemics of their own…”, found through his research that it’s not 51% that creates a tipping point. Surprisingly, it’s more like 12% to 18% of a population!

So…for people across the globe, in all the different regions and countries, adopting regenerative practices, harmonious designed living…what will create the tipping point?

Is it…

Policy change?: Dotted here and there (and this is bound to increase as time goes on) some local and regional governments, e.g. Los Angeles City Council, are implementing policy changes that make it easier for engineers, individuals and groups to do things like harvest rainwater, set up urban farms, and much more. For examples, such as the 2013 Rainwater Ordinance signed by the Director of Transport in Tucson, Arizona, scroll down the page on Brad Lancaster’s site.

Something out of the blue?: Long-time GMO activist and author Jeffrey Smith relates how in just four weeks in 1999, when a gag order was lifted on formerly pro-GMO scientist Dr Arpad Pusztai’s paper, across the whole of Europe “…Unilver said, ‘No more GMOs!’…the next day Nestlés, the next week everyone else…”. [see @ 3.36 this video]

Subversion?: Roger Doiron has certainly got it right with his subversive garden plot! And River Cottage’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall catches up with two women growing community gardens in Todmorden, England, “…and they’ve been doing it all without the council’s permission…guerrilla gardening…”.

Education?: We now have something even more effective than what Bill Mollison dreamed of (permaculture courses 24×7 on television), i.e. the internet…because you can interact! And primary and high schools, and universities are adopting permaculture into their curriculums. And there are more (wonderful) people writing and creating content for schools. Another, is this sort of education: tailored specifically for villagers across the world in tropical climates. And…the number of people taking and teaching PDCs is growing exponentially!

Domino Effect!: Or maybe, it will be the domino effect! 🙂

It’ll be one, or some, or all of the above. Or…it will end up being something we could never have imagined! Here’s my take on it: the realisation that we’re at “peak land use”, and that we need to develop increasingly efficient ways of obtaining our food, on less and less area, creates a permaculture positive tipping point. Smart design that also provides an empowerment of self worth, and a meaningful life connected to true wealth naturally creates a self-moderating population.

So…I tip my hat to all of us and send you much encouragement, as we continue to create the conditions for the tipping point to occur (a world of abundance, health and absolute reconnection with nature the world over).

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