So hot that roads are melting?

Hi, this is Geoff,

We’re getting unusually hot weather here in Australia. So hot, that some news outlets are claiming that the roads are melting.

And on the other side of the world in North America, record cold is setting in.

Anyone up for something a bit more in the middle?

In any case, before my laptop melts too, let’s jump right in to this week’s Friday Five…

Counterintuitive logic? One thing that gets asked a lot is – record heat makes sense given climate change, but what about record cold? Here is one explanation from a New York Times journalist specializing in covering climate change, hurricanes, and other weather-related topics. Another take from Scientific American.  And yet another from Vox, along with helpful visuals and data tables.

What I’m Reading: Utopia for Realists, the Sunday Times bestseller written by the award-winning historian Rutger Bregman: Bregman shows that we can construct a society with visionary ideas that are, in fact, wholly implementable. Every milestone of civilization – from the end of slavery to the beginning of democracy – was once considered a utopian fantasy. New utopian ideas such as universal basic income and a 15-hour work week can become reality in our lifetime. This guide to a revolutionary yet achievable utopia is supported by multiple studies, lively anecdotes and numerous success stories.” Not to be confused with Fox’s now-cancelled TV show of the same name 🙂

How To Be Original: Adam Grant’s TED talk on the 3 habits of original thinkers has been viewed more than 7 million times (!) One of the habits that Adam talks about (embracing failure) was something that Bill Mollison often talked about decades ago: “We need to make a lot of mistakes to learn how to get things right.” Thanks Bill (and Adam).

Cape Town Drying Up: This headline should frighten us all: “Cape Town Is 90 Days Away From Running Out of Water.” Those of you practicing permaculture in South Africa: it’s time to step up your game.

Beautiful Lawn? So here is a bit of an unconventional view on lawns. One that I mostly agree with 🙂 If you disagree, or have a different take on it, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

That’s it for the Friday Five. As always, if you have comment / reactions / a different point of view, please share below.

Cheers, and have a great week,

Your friend,


PS: Despite the heat, we’re having a great time at our revamped Permaculture in Action course (“PIA”) here at the farm (wrapping up in about a week on the 26th). This course picks up where the PDC leaves off: 10 days of training that covers some of the core systems we currently run on the farm such as renewable energy systems, farm irrigation, roof water harvest drinking water systems, mixed animal systems, crop production, nursery, organic fertilizer, food forest and farm forestry along with waste system management. This is a practical, hands-on course with just a small amount of class time; approximately 80% of the time will be working directly in the field applying permaculture.

The plan is to do 4 of these every year (approximately once every 3 months, immediately following one of our face-to-face PDCs). We’re having another PDC + PIA in April, and again in July, then again towards the end of 2018, so if you’re interested in coming down to Australia and spending some time face-to-face, elbow-to-elbow, feel free to check out the course details here. We have limited accomodation facilities, so unfortunately we’ll need to cap enrollment to as many as our farm can comfortably host and serve. If interested, I recommend you apply early. And the weather will be much more bearable then 🙂

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