Hi, this is Geoff.

Yesterday (20th May) was World Bee Day (yes, there really is such a thing 🙂 thanks, Bonnie!) so let’s kick off this week’s Friday Five with…

Bee-utiful: “Beekeeping: An Essential Part of Permaculture” (A short introduction to the world of bees published on our sister-site, Permaculturenews.org, “Permaculture: Can It Save the Bees, and the Beekeeper?” (a fascinating first-person account by Darlene Bentley, published in Bee Culture: The Magazine of American Beekeeping), and finally “The Fascinating World of Bees, a visual celebration featuring some beautiful photography of these incredible creatures.

Rachel’s Food Forest Garden: 400 edible species (400!) in the exceptionally cool climate of northern England? I had a chance to meet Rachel on a recent trip to the UK, and enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation with her about how all of this came to be. If you have 10 minutes to spare, check out the short video freshly posted inside The Permaculture Circle (TPC). As always, if you’re already enrolled in our free TPC learning community, you can view the full presentation here. And if you are not enrolled in TPC, you can do so quickly and for free here), and immediately gain access to the GTD update as well as 100+ other video / media resources. Enjoy!

“Massive” Photography: “We all know that humans are scarring the landscape. But Burtynsky provides the visual evidence on a breathtaking scale: great wounds slashed into the earth — from coal and copper mines, oil refineries, salt pans — and all the wasteland, spills and debris that result from them […] ‘The technical revolution has turned us into a virus consuming all living organisms, diminishing biodiversity,’ he says. But as Burtynsky is well aware, he is recording it beautifully, making it as ‘visually compelling and as transcendent’ as he can. ‘It’s an immersive thing’ for the viewer. In Burtynsky’s vision, the apocalypse has its sublime moments.” With that, enjoy?

Radio Shows: I’ve started having a bit of fun with doing a radio show (remember that thing called radio??? 🙂 ), and most recently had the opportunity to sit down with Rob Hopkins and talk about “transition towns.” You can check out the full audio here. The interface is a bit clunky, but in the months ahead after I get more comfortable with this format, our team will begin putting the shows I’ve done on some of the newer podcast platforms and add some complementary materials like show notes, etc. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the conversation that Sam Parker-Davies and I had with Rob.

Royal Wedding: I know you’ve seen enough of this already, but allow me to indulge, since I am British after all 🙂 So here is my one and only mention of last week’s wedding (and yes, there is a slight permaculture / environmental angle to it): “Why the Electric Jaguar at the Royal Wedding was a Symbolic Step Forward.”

That’s it for the Friday Five. As always, if you have any comment / reactions / or a different point of view, please share on the blog-version of this Friday Five (and all past + future Friday Fives), all housed here.

Cheers, and have a great week,

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