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Another new video! This week’s new video features a conversation I had with my friend and colleague Mike Haydon. In it, we talk about a battery that works today, despite the fact that it was last used in 1970.

1970 (!) That’s not a typo 🙂

California sun: Positive news from our friends in the land of Silicon Valley and Hollywood: California Will Require Solar Power for New Homes. I love the ending in this piece: The commission members saw their vote as advancing that vision of the future. ‘I’m really happy to get this to the finish line,’ Mr. McAllister said. ‘One big step for mankind.’” Full story here.

Power plant or ski hill? The answer, at least in Copenhagen, seems to be, “both.” See it to believe it.   

10 alarming numbers: The American Farmland Trust is dedicated to saving agricultural land in the US. For the past 20 years, it has been tracking how much farmland has been lost to development. The numbers are soberring, such as the loss of 3 acres per minute in the US. A summary of these 10 key statistics can be read here.

In case you missed it: A few pieces of interest this week from our sister site, the non-profit Permaculture Research Institute:

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