Many of the problems we face in the global landscape today came about by working against nature: global warming, soil degradation and erosion, loss of forests, pollution, expansion of deserts, decrease in food nutrition, to name a few. Ironically, these challenges could not have come about without tremendous human and mechanical energy expended over time.Geoff has established permaculture demonstration sites that function as education centres in all the world’s major climates — information on the success of these systems is networked through Geoff established the Permaculture Research Institute and the website to network mainframe information worldwide.

Fortunately, the solutions require relatively small inputs of time and energy, are low-tech, and can be done at a fraction of the cost of creating the damage in the first place. Our team of permaculture designers and consultants offers a professional permaculture consultancy service backed up by design, full implementation and maintenance. We work on projects ranging from micro-urban up to whole village designs and whole bio-region rehabilitation.


Note that all the following services are available as a complete design system or as individual elements on their own.

Permaculture Consultancy
Permaculture Consultancy
Supply access to information technology, equipment and contacts, with initial sketches and basic illustrations of the potential design, with an offer of the complete design plans and full report for implementation, maintenance and establishment.
Permaculture Design
Permaculture Design

For those who prefer a design-only consult, we will provide a conceptual design that is completed and presented during the consult. If there is interest to proceed, we can provide a full, detailed design that is implementation-ready.

Design Implementation
Design Implementation
If you would like us to implement the design in full, we will source all items needed, coordinate all research, assess suppliers, and direct full physical implementation of the project. This can be as much of a turnkey solution as you’d like it to be.
Waste Stream Consultancy and Design
Waste Stream Consultancy and Design
Waste stream analysis and assessment of the required systems for the design implementation.
Renewable Energy C&D
Renewable Energy C&D

Assessment of energy requirements and the options available for renewable energy technology systems design.

Passive Solar House C&D
Passive Solar House C&D
Conceptual designs and architectural plans for structural requirements including recommendation of appropriate materials.
Plant and Animal Selection Consultancy and Design
Plant and Animal Selection Consultancy and Design
Appropriate for the environment, landscape and climate analogue.



After confirming initial interest, we will ask specific questions about your project, scope, and ultimate goals.


After studying your requirements brief and the initial phone consult, PSC will come to you, on-site.


Initial conceptual design completed and presented; discussion re: next step, full project scope and desired level of engagement


Implementation-ready design plans and full report; ready for implementation, maintenance, and establishment


Direction of full physical implementation of work / design on-the-ground; supervision of earthmoving operators

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If you are outside of Australia, Geoff will need 1 day of travel from Australia to your site, 1 day ​on site at the absolute bare minimum (on the ground​ for the consultancy itself​​), and 1 day to fly back to Zaytuna Farm in Australia. Again, that is the minimum, as other factors impact time required.
The scope and scale of the job, as well as the complexity of the brief in relation to the job, will affect the time needed. Once we get additional details about what you have in mind, we’ll be able to advise further.
The more information that can be sent beforehand (via email, project brief, video, audio, ​or Skype session), the more that Geoff and his associates can focus clearer and deeper on the consultancy itself once ​he or his associates arrive to your site. His suggestion to clients is always this: Provide as much information as possible before he arrives, so that as much time as possible​ of the face-to-face time​ is spent on the actual consultancy​, rather than on the preliminaries​. You’re welcome and encouraged to send along anything and everything that you feel encapsulates your particular wishes​ / deliverables​ for the project.
Yes, provided that Geoff knows the scale of the job prior to engaging, what he will provide you will be more than sufficient.
The first deliverable that you’ll get is a conceptual design. This will be completed and presented to you during or toward the end of the consultancy.
Yes, once you have had the chance to consider the conceptual design and would like to proceed with it, Geoff can then move to providing you with a full, detailed design that is implementation-ready. The depth is per your preference, and can encompass corporate strategy, strategic planning, and KPI charts that provide low and high-tech solutions.
Yes, Geoff is committed to doing everything he can to source as much as possible from within your locality. Except for very few, isolated areas of the world, given his familiarity with most project needs and the availability of items that are likely to be needed, he is confident that the bulk of the items can be sourced locally. For those things that cannot, we will expand the sourcing regionally. Finally, if a particular item is not available regionally, we will source from wherever needed, as per your preference. Geoff will coordinate all research, assess suppliers, and make sure that everything from the microorganisms needed all the way to the larger biological elements are all piped in. This can be as much of a turnkey solution as you’d like it to be.